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Real-time intelligence with 1st party data

Scale Profit with Profit Peak

Accurately measure and optimise your digital advertising, influencer marketing, inventory and customer data for profitability.

For the First time. In One Place. In Real-time.

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A universal source of truth for your e-commerce business

Bring all your sales channels, ad-spend, inventory data, influencer relationships and operating expenses into one system so you can make better decisions. No more data silos.

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Advertising Intelligence

Stop measuring ROAS and wasted ad-spend. Start optimising your ad-spend towards profitability

Profit Peak solves for attribution, tracks the true customer journey and scales towards profitability in real-time.

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Influencer Intelligence

Know what your influencer marketing generates for your top and bottom line.

Identify what creatives produce the best returns and identify the outliers to optimise your content for better results.

Product Intelligence

Know what inventory to stock and what to stop - and when.

Understand what your inventory margins truly are by calculating their advertising, freight, return costs and then optimise your buying towards greater profitability.

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Customer Intelligence

Know your customer, how you acquired them and how to retain them.

When they last shopped, what they browsed, how often they engage with your brand and what they spend. Identify your most profitable customers and increase life time value.

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